What is Geranylgeraniol?

With CAS number 24034-73-9, Geranylgeraniol is a naturally occurring nutritional ingredient that is reported to be beneficial to cellular energy, bone health, and overall anti-aging.

Geranylgeraniol structure

Based on Wikipedia, Geranylgeraniol is defined as diterpene alcohol that plays a crucial role in many critical biological processes that influence aging.

Food Sources of Geranylgeraniol

Geranylgeraniol occurs naturally in dietary foods like sunflower, olive, and flax oils, in addition to natural sources, but most is synthesized endogenously.

Geranylgeraniol Specifications

Bulk Geranylgeraniol is in the liquid form rather than the standard powder form of other popular supplement ingredients. Since Geranylgeraniol is insoluble in water and in liquid form, Geranylgeraniol supplement is often in soft gels, and its purity is 50% min. Higher assay spec can be customized according to your specific quantity and requirement.

Links to Vitamin K2, CoQ10

Geranylgeraniol (GG) is vital for synthesizing CoQ10, a crucial chemical molecule for cell energy creation. Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in certain foods (particularly animal foods like red meat, poultry, and fish), but the huge bulk is generated endogenously within the body. This inner synthesis in the body might not always be enough; however, especially in people taking prescription medication, which impacts the pathway where CoQ10 is generated. CoQ10 supplements can be found, but research indicates that supplementing with Geranylgeraniol might be more effective than supplementing with CoQ10 itself.

Geranylgeraniol is essential for the synthesis of vitamin K1 to K2. Vitamin K2 was proven in several studies to be important for calcium mobility out of their bones, also in helping to soften the deposition of calcium in the bloodstream.

Geranylgeraniol can also be a part of CoQ10 synthesis. This chemical could be depleted through statin treatment and is supposed to be the origin of muscle soreness and tiredness experienced by a number of those 78 million Americans who use statins to control blood glucose levels.

Geranylgeraniol mechanism of action

Geranylgeraniol, abbreviated as GG, is a compound synthesized endogenously in your body via the mevalonate pathway. It’s the same biochemical pathway by which cholesterol, heme A, dolichol, and CoQ10 are synthesized.

Geranylgeraniol, abbreviated as GG, is a powerful inhibitor of mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro.

How does Geranylgeraniol work? The synthesis of Geranylgeraniol in our body declines naturally when we grow old and use certain medicines.

Geranylgeraniol is a vital molecule for building cell membranes, generating energy at mitochondria, stimulating hormone production (like testosterone), appropriate calcium trafficking, and much more.

Geranylgeraniol plays a part in generating energy from the mitochondria, encouraging the creation of hormones, appropriate calcium trafficking, and much more.

geranylgeraniol function

Geranylgeraniol is advantageous for healthy aging by supporting muscle protein synthesis, bone health & cell energy generation.

Since Geranylgeraniol is needed for muscle synthesis, it might be wise to incorporate geranylgeraniol supplementation within a regimen meant to encourage building and maintaining muscle mass, especially in older people.

Supplements containing Geranylgeraniol

Annatto GG supplement formula with geranylgeraniol

GG-Gold™ is a trademark of American River Nutrition, LLC. ANNATTO-GG™ 150 supplements by Designs for Health use branded Geranylgeraniol

Geranylgeraniol Benefits

Geranylgeraniol is an essential building block for the production of CoQ10, vitamin K2, and testosterone, as well as for protein synthesis and modification.

Geranylgeraniol for strong bones and Muscles

It’s common for elderly people to experience natural muscle mass loss and bone density drop, which has important negative effects on their life quality.

In the entire body, Geranylgeraniol is necessary for protein synthesis and modification and might help ease the maintenance of muscle mass and bone tissues during aging.

Geranylgeraniol for cellular energy

By offering building blocks to encourage healthy mitochondrial function, Geranylgeraniol might help alleviate metabolism of carbs, protein, and fats as well as their conversion to energy.

Geranylgeraniol may support the following:

  • Better Coenzyme Q10 synthesis
  • Healthy muscle mass
  • Healthy bone density
  • Endogenous vitamin K2 synthesis
  • Metabolic health (obesity, type 2 diabetes,)
  • Skin wellness (like acne, psoriasis, aging).

Geranylgeraniol Dosage

what is a therapeutic dose of Geranylgeraniol (gg)? As a dietary supplement, take 1 softgel of 150mg per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Geranylgeraniol side effects

No serious adverse effect is reported yet. It’s safe to take at the recommended dosage.

Where to buy bulk geranylgeraniol raw material?

Cima Science is dedicated to manufacturing novel anti-aging ingredients for the natural products industry.  A series of anti-aging compounds like NMN powder, NR powder, PQQ, pterostilbene, resveratrol, etc. are widely used by sports nutrition brands. Geranylgeraniol is one of the latest commercially available ingredients. If you want to find more about specifications, pricing, certificate of analysis (COA), MOA, or other documents, please leave a message below, or send an email on our contact us page.

Geranylgeraniol References

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