300 kgs ready stock of bulk anandamide oil with highest specification of 90% are packed in the warehouse, with various quantity packages.

What is anandamide oil?

Anandamide oil, known as AEA oil, is the liquid form of anandamide ingredient.

anandamide oil 90% manufacturer

Ingredient Name Anandamide oil
CAS Number 94421-68-8
Purity/assay 90%
Molecular Formula C22H37NO2
Molecular Weight 347.53
Appearance/color yellowish-brown oil
Benefits Mood enhancer, pain relief
Documents available COA, MSDS, flow chart, manufacturing process, MOA, etc.
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Cima Science has both anandamide powder and oil raw materials, what’s the differences?

Anandamide oil VS. Anandamide powder

They are different forms of anandamide (AEA) with different potency.

They have different specifications and applications for formulation dosage.

Anandamide oil is usually produced into the softgel.

Anandamide powder is best used for capsule or tablet.

The name of anandamide is derived from the word “Ananda” in Sanskrit of India, which means “joy, bliss, or happiness” and amide. Therefore, anandamide has many other names related with its original meaning such as Bliss Molecule, Cacao Bliss, happiness molecule, etc. arachidonylethanolamide, N-arachidonoylethanolamine, AEA are common names for scientific researches.

Cacao powder contains two compounds: N-acylethanolamines and enzyme inhibitors of anandamide. The former is confirmed to temporarily enhance the levels of anandamide in the brain, and the latter slows its breakdown.

Anandamide benefits

Anandamide is the human version of THC.
Not know what THC is? Think of those who get high by smoking Marijuana.
THC is the active ingredient that makes you high, while anandamide is the naturalling occuring ingredient that make you happy.

To learn more benefits that anandamide oils that can bring to you, please visit detailed anandamide information.

Anandamide oil package

Anandamide oil bulk quantity package

Anandamide oil 90% is packed in 1kg, 5kg/can, or 25kg/drum.

Anandamide oil sample is available upon request.

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