Dihydroberberine Powder

Product name: Dihydroberberine Bulk Powder
CAS Number: 483-15-8
Molecular formula: C20H19NO4
Molecular weight: 337.37 g/mol
Specifications: 98%, 99%
Synonyms: Dihydroumbellatine; 7,8-Dihydroberberine; Dihydroumbellatine; Berberine, dihydro-; 9,10-Dimethoxy-2,3-(methylenedioxy)-13,13a-didehydrob; Glucovantage; dhb berberine; Dihydroberberine SR; dihydroberberine hydrochloride; dihydroberberine sulfate; NSC331264;
Appearance: Yellow powder
Solubility: Slightly soluble in water (50mg/L).
Melting point: 223~224 °C
Benefits: Lipid Metabolism/Cardiovascular Health/Glucose Balance/Healthy Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Support/Inflammation/AMPk Activation
Applications: Dietary supplements, and Medicine
Recommended dosage: 200mg~400mg per day
Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

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