5,7-Dimethoxyflavone, an active ingredient from black ginger extract has been extracted By Cima Science, and large ready stock is available.

Black giner raw material

Below is the brief introduction to the 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone:

Product name: Black Ginger Extract

Botanic Name: Kaempferia parviflora

Active Ingredient: 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone

Specifications: 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone 2.5%

Appearance: Purple find powder

5,7-Dimethoxyflavone structure


1- Enhance energy and sexual function

2- Boost metabolism

3- Antianaphylaxis

4- Regulate menopausal symptoms

5- Regulate blood pressure

6- Regulate liver function

7- Anti-aging

8- Accelerate blood circulation

9- Regulating gastrointestinal health

10- Anti-cancer

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