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Improving Biomarkers with Oral NMN Intake Leads to Better Anti-aging Effects

Clinical evaluation of changes in biomarkers by oral intake of NMN

The “NAD world” has become more popular thanks to the many findings and new research available. One of the most known NAD precursors, called NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), boosts NAD levels in the body effectively compared to the other precursors. Therefore, NMN it’s the most studied NAD supplement when it comes to the benefits of NAD. […]

NMN Combination with Resveratrol or Ginsenosides Boosts NAD+ levels Much More Effectively

NMN Combination with Resveratrol or Ginsenosides Boosts NAD+ levels

The latest NMN study finds that NMN Combination with Resveratrol or Ginsenosides boosts NAD levels by almost twice in the human body. NAD+ is essential for creating energy in the body and regulating key cellular processes. NAD+, with the full name nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in every body cell and engages in […]

Cepharanthine Powder: a Novel Drug in Traditional Chinese Medicine is Found to Be More Effective Than Remdesivir and Paxlovid against COVID-19, But Further Clinical Trials Needed

Stephania cepharantha Hayata Plant for Cepharanthine

China has just patented a new COVID-19 medicine of cepharanthine that is claimed to be able to stop the copying of coronavirus, thus preventing further pandemics. Cepharanthine has been widely used in China for more than 40 years to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic diseases. This plant is widely distributed in China. […]

Bulk Fenchol liquid/powder Buying Guide 2021

fenchol botanical source

What is Fenchol? Fenchol, known as fenchyl alcohol or 1,3,3-trimethyl-2-norbornanol, is a terpene found in hemp, basil, lime, nutmeg, wild celery, etc. In addition to perfumes, foods, and body products, terpenes are also commonly used in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Fenchol is an isomer of borneol, meaning that they share the same formula but a […]

Latest Herbal Supplements Sales by Ingredients in US Herb Market Reports of 2020

Herb supplement market report 2021

Overviews: The American Botanical Council’s (ABC) HerbalGram recently released its 2020 Herb Market Report. The report, which analyzed US retail sales data provided by SPINS and NBJ as well herbal dietary supplement industry reports from Mintel Intelligence Services Incorporated (MIS), found that $10 billion of herb supplements were sold in America last year – a […]

Limonin ingredient in Lemon Extract and Citrus seed extract supplements is approved to be beneficial to Anti-tumor, Insect Anti-feeding,Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, and Hypnotic

citrus limonin extract

What is limonin? Limonin is one kind of limonoids. Limonoids are the triterpenoid derivatives that exist in citrus extract and other plants of Rutaceae and Meliaceae. Limonoids are a class of compounds that have been discovered in citrus fruits, including limonin (nomilin), deacetylnomilin, obacunone, and nomilinic acid. They’re all triterpenoids with furan rings and are […]

BELYSIN Patent: The combination of NMN and Alpha GPC for the treatment of Alzheimer’s syndrome

Combination of NMN and Alpha GPC for the treatment of Alzheimer's syndrome

Belysin is Cima Science’s branded trademark of a proprietary blend of Nicotinamide mononucleotide(NMN) and L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC). The invention provides a composition comprising β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and l-α-Glycerolcholinephosphate(α-GPC), wherein the preferred dosage for β- nicotinamide mononucleotide is 3 ~ 9mg/kg/D, while for L-α-GPC is 8 ~ 20mg/kg/d. In the classic Alzheimer’s disease efficacy evaluation […]

L-Ergothioneine Powder: Latest Longevity and Anti-aging ingredient from Mushrooms

L-Ergothioneine mushrooms

what is L-Ergothioneine? Ergothioneine is an amino acid and thiourea derivative of histidine, containing a sulfur atom on the imidazole ring. This compound occurs in relatively few organisms, notably Actinobacteria (cells that resemble fungi), Cyanobacteria (photosynthetic bacteria-like cells with blue/green pigments), or some species of filamentous fungus found exclusively in the soil near termite colonies. […]